у кого есть топик по- английскому языку : «письмо другу» 140 слов …помогитеееее… срочно

у кого есть топик по- английскому языку : «письмо другу» 140 слов …помогитеееее… срочно

  1. Dear Amy,

    Thank you a lot for your last letter. It was a nice surprise to hear from you. Im sorry I havent written to you earlier but I had to organise some things concerning my trip.

    As you probably remember Ive always wanted to visit some unusual places. And now, at last, off I went! But youd never guess where Ive chosen to spend my holiday. Its Antarctica! You would never think of it, would you? Im so excited about the whole event!

    The people I travel with are incredible. Its their fourteenth expedition there. They know every path in the snow by heart and they are very helpful. They share their knowledge and experience with me. Would you believe that here everything is different? You even need to set your tent in a special way. Its all very challenging. Tomorrow we plan to move further North so I may not be able to stay in touch for a while.

    Anyway, Id like to meet you when I get back. Hope you are enjoying your holiday. Do write back soon.


    184 words

  2. Dear Harry,

    Hi! Its now 4 oclock in the afternoon and Im (1) in the living room writing this letter. Its a lovely day outside. The weather is great. The suns (2) and the birds are (3). My dog, Paddles, is (4) beside me and (5) at me with her big brown eyes. The eyes are (6) me for some food. But Im not (7) her anything because shes getting fat.

    Im (8) Spanish now at evening college. My Spanish is (9) slowly. I like my teacher. Shes (10) an excellent job. Im really (11) my class.

    I hope you are well and happy and that your family is also well. Please write to me soon.

    Bye for now,


  3. у мня есть

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