• OutFighter

    Boxing app

    OutFighter - an application that we`ve launched in April, 2013 for the fans of boxing or martial arts. The application features a number of useful tools for each athlete-fighters: calories counter, round/sparring  timer, strength meter for single hit, as well as the system of statistics for the complete round or a single combo (number of hits, the most powerful hit, calories burned).

    The application includes the ability to send user`s fighting achievements in his/her`s favorite social network (Facebook, Vkontakte and Twitter). There is also a local, in-app achievement system. Complex combinations, long-term training and most powerful hits are rewarded with special icons ("badges) that reflect the development of the fighter.

    The application includes two basic systems of measurement - imperial (inch) for US/UK users and metric, familiar in Europe and Russia. Depending on the device set language application automatically selects one of the two (in this version) interface languages – English or Russian.